How to stay sharp and youthful when you age

How maid service can help you to be the one you always wanted to be

I came across eye opening audio book Staying Sharp. Started listening couple days ago, still can't stop. Forget about brain aging and all you were told: like it is normal with age to forget things, be less adaptive, be more irritable, not to mention depression, Alzheimer's disease. This book totally rewinds your mind about how you see and care about yourself. It stars with health fundamentals like exercise, even just walking, diet, and sleep, and progress to really give your tools to make yourself what you always wanted to be and stay that way all your life.

The books are by the author of The Chemistry of Joy and The Chemistry of Calm and come a practical guidebook for building and maintaining a sharp, healthy, and vibrant mind. It is an awesome book, use your library card and get it on your cellphone or iPod, listen when you are on treadmill, walking, etc. Don't have time for this, sure you do. Consider getting maids and cleaning ladies to save you time for the book, they will do the job you hate and waste your precious time on.