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How to enjoy a stay at Horseshoe Ski Resort even more

Our mind was made up, we were going up north for a day of skiing. The forecast for that day was 60-90 percent chance of rain but we decided to go anyway. We bought ski tickets for the afternoon for the whole family for $394 and it was perfect weather in the morning.

While we were there, I noticed a sign: No refunds due to the weather, but I didn't pay much attention to it. After we bought the tickets, we decided to go to the hotel before we go skiing, unpack and eat dinner.

At five o'clock, we were ready to start skiing but as we left the front door, my heart sank - water was dripping on my receipt of $394! For a minute, I thought it was my tears but then the truth dawned on me: it was raining! I was devastated and had no solution to the problem. We decided to try our luck and go see if there was a chance of getting money back. I must thank the Horseshoe Resort staff for being so kind and considerate!!! They gave us back our $394 without any trouble.

We didn't want to disappoint our kids too much so we found a hill and brought a sled from home and all my kids had an amazing time sledding down the hill even though they missed out on skiing. Since our idea was such a big hit, we decided to do the same the next morning. On Monday afternoon on the way back home, my kids were thanking us for the wonderful trip but my husband and I were thanking Horseshoe Resort staff for their amazing service. The kids were happy that we stayed at the hotel, but my husband and I were happy with an extra cash in the pocket.