Why Are Children So Obsessed With Pants

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My family and I were taking a trip to New York for vacation. Before we went on the trip, many of my friend told me that they went to The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester and they really enjoyed the experience, so my wife and I decided to see for ourselves. We definitely made the right decision because my entire family had the time of their lives. When it was time to leave, no one wanted to go, because they were having so much fun! But that wasn’t the best part. Some of my friends also mentioned that the museum also had a special service for children who have accidents at their stay.

People donate their old pants to the museum for parents that forgot to pack an extra pair. This incident actually happened to us. My four year old is toilet trained but he sometimes still has accidents. This was actually the case when we were at the museum. Not long after we arrived we smelled something and we knew exactly what it was. My little son was having too much fun to bother asking for the bathroom! We had no idea what to do when suddenly, it hit me. The service saved the day! We went to the front desk were they quickly brought us out a pair of pants for my desperate son. We happily went home with a fresh pair of pants. I am sure we are not the only parents that are delighted by this amazing service that save many desperate parents. Thank you so much for this amazing addition to your museum that save so many helpless parents from going home from the museum early only because their child had an accident.

These pants were piece of art, something between winter snow pants and sport runs with ripped strip on side. I thought for my self 1st thing I'll do when i back home I'll through them in garbage. Home i suggest to my son to change the pants to his regular pants and i putted them on couch, I was little bit surpassed why he didn't ask me first. After few minutes I saw them on same place and sweetly calmness while he was playing. Next day and after next day during few good months every single day after school, he run to his closet to change his perfect pants to those synthetic ripped snow pants.

Definitely those pants had kind of magic. Why he was preferred them. And then I understood, when he got this pants, in his eyes it wasn't just peace of rug from Kids Museum that gave him janitor, but rather special present from Big Big Famous Royal Castle. From his prospective it was sign of love, care and value. I learned lesson for myself that you can't buy love and respect for kids via money no matter how much you will spend. Only trough true censorial love and care. But what you can buy is more time in your life when Cleaning Ladies And Maids do the cleaning job for you, so you can spend that time more productively. Continue reading How To Stay Sharp And Youthful When You Age.