Full or Part Time Housekeeper Services

Full or Part Time Housekeeper

The price for a Full or Part time housekeeper is negotiable. It mainly depends on how far your location and how messy the house is.

When you order a housekeeper from us, you will get 15 hours of housekeeping work (trial period) for that price. During that trial period you will see if the housekeeper is good for you.

After you choose the right housekeeper (usually at the end of the trial period), our supervision ends and the housekeeper’s job payments and their scheduled visits will be in agreement between you and the housekeeper.

You can try or change your housekeeper at any time. There is no agency fee for that.

Some tips to consider: Usually payments to housekeepers are weekly or bi-weekly. Wages are between $16 and $19. It is advised not to go less than that, otherwise the housekeeper might start looking for another employer. Also, don't pay more than $20 unless housekeeper is something special. Some of them ask for a raise after 3-4 months, you can proactively offer an increase in wages to your housekeeper.